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Candy skirt for Isabel


I designed this skirt to go with the Candy Sweater I made Isabel a few weeks ago.

I did a green ribbing in the waist with YO-eyelets to thread an variegated i-cord through.
I then increased the number of stitches by 25 % and began knitting 1.5 repeat of the structure pattern.
Then I thought about how to hide the increasing and still keep the pattern intact so I did a row of garter stitch and hid the 50 % increases after it.
Then another 1.5 repeats of the structure pattern.


After a second garter stitch row I increased by 50 % all along the front and 100 % along the back to add a little more bounce in the back.

I ended the skirt with 3 rows of green stockinette for a rolled hem.

Isabel liked it very much and it turned out exactly the way I imagined it. I like how it’s rather tight around her bum and then flares out.

I want to make another for her in green, because this skirt with the Candy Sweater looks a little busy.


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