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Christmas tree mat

Back at work after a gloriously long holiday vacation. It feels really weird.

I went to my local quilt shop on Monday with a frined who is starting her first quilt. I was surprised to see the winter sale there. I don’t know why, I just never gave it much thought.
There were a few FQs there that caught my eye. Especially one of a Toy shop that you’re supposed to turn into an Advent Calendar.
I was very good on Monday though and didn’t buy a thing.

But then I saw this tree skirt on my Google REader-list and thought I should get around to make that tree mat I’ve been wanting to make for a while.

I figured if I start in January I’ll have no excuse not to finish it before next Christmas.

So today at lunch I drove across town to get some fabric for the mat.

I ended up getting a book as well on basic patchwork techniques. It’s by a Swedish author so I can’t really link it.

There was a really nifty tip on how to easily make continuous bindingstrips that I’m eager to try out.

I think I’ll give myself some time to get over being fed up with Christmas before I start it. I have to draft a pattern anyway so I think there’ll be time.


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