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Since writing last I haven’t been very crafty.

I started a new job in October and that’s kept me fairly busy during the days and at night there are so many other things I have to do and crafting has to step back.

Now that we’re moving into summer (we’ve had the most glorious weather the past weeks) and we have more light once again I might get started.

I need to clean up my sewing room. It’s cluttered and messy and doesn’t really invite to work in it.

I have a ton of projects on my list that I want to make. I think I have to prioritize so first up are our new kitchen curtains.

Isabel got new curtains last Sunday in celebration of her first lost tooth.


She accidentally swallowed it while stuffing her face with candy. But the Tooth Fairy accepted the little note that we put under the pillow and left a shiny golden coin on Isabel’s window sill.


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