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My Sewing Room disaster …

I took a cue from the Domestic Diva and started organizing my sewing room last night when Rickard was at an office party.

I got some head way and it’s already looking better. Well, half the room is .. or one third.

My sewing room doubles as an office so I have a long table with my computer at one end and my sewing machine on the other.

20090529_img004 20090529_img005

20090529_img006 20090529_img007 20090529_img008

On the other side I have a nice cutting/work table that my husband built me from four old kitchen cabinets and some pine board.

20090529_img009 20090529_img010

The third wall is made up of a book case, an armoire and a CD-tower and in front of (and blocking) all of that – my ironing board.


I cleared the work table last night and organized the shelves above and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.

I’m still not done so I haven’t taken any after shots. That will be remedied as soon as I’m somewhat done.


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