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My Creative Space June 4th


I’m joining in with Kootoyoo’s My Creative Space again this week.

Working from home yet again – maybe I can make a habit of it.

This week I’m making a Kyoko for my big girl which involved a bit of jigsaw-puzzles to make the pattern pieces fit. I *think* I have it figured out I just need to mark it and see that I’m right.

I’m not sure about the dark green geisha fabric – I was gonna use it for bias trim but I’m not convinced … I may have to go to the fabric store *oy vey*.

I will need something for the sash – I was planning on denim, but the piece I had at home had been cut into and I couldn’t find a continuous piece that would fit.
Plus I need ribbon too so – a trip to the fabric store it is.

After the weekend’s birthday celebrations (the little one is turning 2)

I wasn’t planning on entering the heart challenge – but when I looked closer there happened to be sort of a heart in the picture (the top of one at least).


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