Multi-tasker tote by Anna Maria Horner

I’m sort of always on the look out for the great bag.

I have one that I love and that really fits all my needs at the moment but who doesn’t need another bag?

So when I saw Anna Maria Horner’s Multi-tasker tote I decided to try it out.


I had the exterior fabric in my stash and I had been looking for the right thing to use it for. I had contemplated making a few funky wetbags for a friend but when I got the pattern for the MTT I knew it was the right thing to use.

I didn’t feel the need to match the exterior panels since the pattern is fairly busy and I also wanted to showcase as many of the tattooed girls as possible.


The tote feels like a good size and the straps are a good length even for me. Usually tote bags don’t go over my shoulder and I end up having to carry them making them drag in the dirt since the straps are too long for that.

I like the construction of the bag too. Just when you feel that you’ll never get this bag together the right way everything just falls into place.

If I make another one (and I can definitely see more of these in my future) I will add a few more pockets to the interior, but for now this will be just right.


I’m trying this one out tomorrow!


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