My creative space 2009 Aug 13th


Today I got in the zone after picking the girls up at preschool/daycare. I finished a tote bag I started yesterday.

And to top it all off I made two quilt tops for the girls’ dolly push chairs. Both tops are done and basted. I can’t decide if I should quilt them or tie them.
I’m also short on binding fabric … I’d prefer not to have to buy more.

The tops are made from a charm pack of “Look and learn” by American Jane. I didn’t follow a pattern, just winged it and I think it turned out quite well. This one is for my big girl and I made another in blue and green for her little sister.

Still work in progress though ..

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5 thoughts on “My creative space 2009 Aug 13th

  1. Amanda: Yes, it feels good to get stuff out of my hands.Kirsty: Thank you, it was a lovely afternoon.Tammy: Thanks. It's hard to get in the zone with a 2 and a 5 yo aroundWoollywotnots: Thank you!

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