Frida · modkid

2 more Fridas

This weekend was spent in the garden mostly.

We built a fence last year that needed oil this year and since we were rained out on Saturday we spent a glorious Sunday outside oiling the fence.
Or rather the husband and my FIL – and the girls.

Saturday night after the in-laws had left after putting some sausages on the grill I started another Frida for Sofia and got it almost finished that night.

On Sunday morning when the guys were outside painting I sneaked off to the studio and finished Sofia’s Frida and then started one for Isabel.


Rickard too the girls to his parents in the evening but I opted on staying home due to laundry malfunctioning. As in we hadn’t gotten around to do any of it.

Sofia wore her Frida to dinner on Sunday and Isabel’s was finished later in the evening.
They wore them to preschool on Monday and they looked adorable (as always 😉 )


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