blogtoberfest 2010

{blogtoberfest 2010 day 3}

Fall is setting in here in Sweden and we decided to get the patio furniture into storage today and clear out junk we never use and take it to the recycling station.

Yesterday I bought some flowers for the pots by the door and I arranged them today.

We got some kind of ivy from my aunt when we moved in three years ago, but sadly it died last winter when it was so cold for so long.
We emptied the pot already last spring at it’s been standing empty since. It looked kind of sad.


So I got two medium sized chrysanthemums and two different kinds of heather and some silvery crawler plant I never caught the name of and set to work.


30 minutes later I had sweeped the flags of all debris and watered the flowers. I put a new candle in the lantern. Unfortunately it was a bit big, but it will be ok eventually.

Looking at the picture now I realise I could use some kind of garland or wreath by the door.


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