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Halloween and turkeys


Isabel went to a Halloween party on Saturday. Some of the kids thought she looked mighty scary.

Halloween’s gotten more and more popular in Sweden the past few years but for some reason no one can agree on when to come trick or treating.
This year we had trick or treaters on Saturday night and Sunday night.

At least they had dressed up in costumes.

I’m preparing a turkey dinner for our parents this Saturday. I’m not sure how long we’ve done this, but it might be the 10th year.
We’ve been doing it since before Isabel was born. But we skipped that year I remember because she was little and I didn’t have the energy, what with PND and everything.

We’re serving a curried sweet potato soup with goat’s cheese biscuits for starters. Turkey with roast potatoes, gravy, carrots and sprouts for the main course. Cinnamon apples with vanilla and cardamom pannacotta for dessert and then I’ll make a lemon and poppy seed cake if someone wants cake with coffee.

It’s a lot of work, not just on the day but the whole week. I’m buying the turkey today and I’ll leave it to thaw in the fridge. Then I’ll put it into a brine on Thursday and leave it there until Saturday. Thursday I’ll boil the stock for the gravy after the turkey is in the brine.

Cake is done on Friday, along with the pannacotta and the little puff pastry cookies I’m serving with it. I’ll also pre-fry the bacon to be mixed with the Brussels sprouts.
I’ll also make the soup then and I’ll have to check but maybe I can pre-mix the biscuits too.

Isabel is on November holidays this week so there is no school. She’s still in school but with the after-school staff all week.
I have taken the day off on Thursday and Friday to be with her and Sofia. I hope I can manage to let them help out.


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