Shiver me timbers

We kind of figured out why it was so cold last night upstairs.

I took the girls grocery shopping after school last night and bought some red cabbage. After I got supper started I began shredding the cabbage and make some for Christmas. We eat baked ham with red cabbage for supper on Dec 23rd.

Anyway, since I preferred not to have the house smell of cabbage I ran the fan over the stove the whole time and I think I cooked it for well over an hour.

Sucked all the warmth from upstairs in no time. When I went upstairs to pick up the sink plunger (don’t flush red currant jam down the drain – it clogs) we had 16.5C up there.

Ah well. We turned the fan off and put the heater on upstairs and that took the edge off.

I’m soon leaving work to fetch the girls then we’re going home to have an afternoon snack. And while they eat (I’m thinking maybe a Nutella sandwich) I’m gonna debone a chicken – just to see if I can.
If I can’t I’ll just have to grind the chicken meat and make patties or meatballs.

Happy Weekend!


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