Holiday baking

Since my grandmother is in the hospital – it’s a long story but it’s nothing really serious. She has fractures on her pelvis and needs to let them heal – we don’t really get any Christmas cookies this year.

She’s 87 years old and mildly diabetic but I’ll bet she would make cookies for us all for Christmas if she had been home and at full capacity.

Instead I’ve decided to pull my weight.

My girls are going to their grandparents’ (my Mum and Dad) this weekend to assemble and decorate two ginger bread houses.
That gives me a Saturday to get some of our Holiday baking done.

I’m making:
Saffron buns
Ginger bread (ginger snaps)
Rolled lace cookies
Currant cookies (Mum’s favourite)
Almond crisp cookies
Piped wreaths

Most of it will go to my Mum since she’s hosting this year’s Christmas Eve dinner, but I’ll keep some of it for us for when Rickard’s sister comes to us to have our kids meet for Christmas.

I have half a batch of ginger bread dough in the freezer from last year. I think I’ll have to take it out to see if it’s still good.
The girls will want to make ginger bread too so I’ll make them myself first to make sure we have enough, then they can be let loose and make as much as they want before they get bored.

I need to get some saffron. Last year it was horribly expensive. But it’s a lot more affordable this year. 32 SEK for a bag. Last year it was 70 SEK for a bag. (1 bag = 0,5 g).
Apparently the harvest has been better this season.


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