Working from home today and it’s bloody freezing next to this window.

I’ve started a load of laundry that will be done by the time I’m due for my next coffee break. I hope.

I made cute little fabric napkins yesterday. I’ll show them off later. I think I’m going to sew some up in the shop fabric so I can post something to that blog too.

The girls are getting very enthusiastic about their Lego Advent Calendar.

I fantasize about sewing up my own calendar and filling it with little presents, one for each girl – of course. But I never do.
It’s darned expensive to shop for 24×2 little, well-thought-out gifts fit for a calendar.

So we got a ready-made Lego calendar that the girls will get to share. They seem happy with that arrangement.
And since we celebrate Christmas on the 24th there is an even number of presents and no one gets left out.

Well now. It’s 8 am and I’d better get a move on.


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