Happy birthday to me!

I have a birthday coming up in a few days and I got a bit of birthday money to spend, along with some savings from before.

I have wanted to get some City Weekend by Liesl Gibson for Moda for a while now but all of the prints and colour combinations were so pretty I had a hard time choosing.

But today I finally made my decision.

I bought a red combination to make a Jump Rope Dress or School Photo Dress for Sofia.

And this yellow combination will become another School Photo Dress for Isabel – or if I can enlarge it, a Jump Rope Dress.

It may be that I will have to swap the colours – I’m not sure how Isabel will fit in the yellow, but I’m pretty sure the red will look good on Sofia.

I also bought two knits to try out in preparation for Modern Workshop. Everyone I spoke to says the City Weekend knits are a dream to work with .. so I’m giving it a try.
I think the knits will become either a Bedtime Story PJ or Nature Walk Pants and a Hopscotch Shirt.

Happy Birthday indeed!


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