Signing off

So I finished up Doctor Who season 2 and then I sort of got stuck watching some of the other stuff David Tennant’s done. Casanova, Blackpool and a spot of Hamlet.

I totally blame him for the late hour.

Both girls are fast asleep and I really should get to bed. I need to shower in the morning and that takes time and at the same time I have to get the girls ready for daycare and school. Always fun.

At least it’s a shorter day tomorrow. I pick the girls up at 4 pm. Then I have to feed Isabel before her grandpa picks her up to take her to riding class.
Grandma’s coming in to watch Sofia when I go to a parents’ meeting at school. So most likely no sewing tomorrow either. At least Rickard’s coming home tomorrow night.


One thought on “Signing off

  1. Rosie has just discovered Doctor Who! I had never watched it until last weekend (although she's got the newest series, which is not David Tennant, more's the pity!)

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