Random shoes


I’m sporting my new sneakers today.

I had red high top Converse when I was a teenager and I love the look of them, but I haven’t had proper sneakers since.

But on Saturday I drove to town to buy a pair. They are a bit tight still, and I think my feet will hate me tonight, but I love, love, love them.


2 thoughts on “Random shoes

  1. I have the exact same shoes and love them! I had wanted red ones but they were all out of my size so gray was my next choice. Chuck Taylor's are fun…all of us girls in the family have a pair.

  2. @Cindy I love them too! I don't understand why I never got new ones ages ago.I want some for the kids too, but they are horribly expensive here, plus it's a pain to have to tie their shoes all the time.I saw there were velcro ones for kids on the Chuck Taylor website, but they don't ship internationally *weep*

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