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Vintage flair


Well, here’s the finished result. Two pretty Jump Rope Dresses for two pretty girls.

They picked the fabric themselves and I added the white pindot fabric for the plackets and collars because the fabric had a vintage flair to it and I thought the white plackets would add to that retro feeling.


This is the contented smile of my 6 year old getting to try on her new dress for real for the first time.


And here’s my 3 year old showing her dress off. She does this easiest by dancing.

Sewing information: Fabric bought at Stoff och Stil, 100 % cotton.

Pink dress: Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress size 8 graded to a size 9-ish, placket lengthened 1″, bodice lengthened 1″, skirt lengthened 2″.
Blue dress: Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress size 6 – no modifications.


3 thoughts on “Vintage flair

  1. @Cindy: Thank you. I was thinking about that when I read the thread on O+S about matching mother-daughter outfits. I like to co-ordinate my girls and this is the perfect way to do it.But I would never make something for me from this though – maybe something polka-dotty but even that would be a stretch.

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