Self improvement

It was a glorious 9 degrees outside this morning and I hope I can say that Spring is finally here.

The girls were both excited about the sunny skies and went outside with out their coats on. However it turned out to be quite windy and the breeze isn’t warm enough yet to allow that.


They both wore their new dresses and looked very neat and prim. Isabel wore hers yesterday as well and received a few compliments on the dress.

I confess that is one of my favourite parts of sewing for the girls. The comments. No matter how simple a garment you’ve made, if people know you made it they are automatically impressed.
I never fish for comments though, but the girls are usually very proud of their new clothes and aren’t afraid to tell people “Mommy made this!”

I also get a bit frustrated sometimes when people compliment and think that I’m being bashful when I focus on what I could have done better. They think it’s false modesty, but I feel I’m at a point now where my results sometimes should be better.
I see the mistakes and the fudging I made but other people don’t.


I’ve stopped pointing out my mistakes and I just soak up the praise but still I know I can do better.
For instance on this dress the collars aren’t really to my liking. They stretch in a funny way as if one side is too short somehow. (And of course it doesn’t show in a picture because I make sure to make adjustments before photographing it)
I still love the result it’s just that after making so many collars I should do better.

Ah well. I’ll keep practising and we’ll see where it gets me.


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