oliver+s · playdate · wip

Playdate anyone?

I made Sofia a Playdate Dress last year with a green elephant fabric.


She’s worn it a lot of times and I love the silhouette of it. I’ve also gotten a lot of comments on the fabric. Apparently elephants are popular.

The fabric is a generic cotton fabric I found in the Patchwork section of my local fabric store. It came in green, purple and red (and apparently also brown, black and orange).

A few months ago I bought a length of the purple colourway, earmarking it mentally for another Playdate dress. It’s such a great everyday dress and since we’re gearing up for Spring/Summer Sofia needs more play clothes.


So I took out the purple fabric and some white batiste to use for the yoke and paired it with a mustard polka dot fabric for piping and facings.

I have the yoke sewn up and I’m trying to figure out how to attach the piping so that it binds the inside seam of the yoke at the same time. I have an idea – just working out the chinks.


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