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… it goes ding when there’s stuff …

Rickard and I started watching Doctor Who a few weeks ago (wow, isn’t it more than a few weeks?) and are now up to Season 5 with the new Doctor (Eleven).

Some say you never forget your first Doctor – who for me would be Christopher Eccleston but for me the Doctor is and always will be, David Tennant. (I have to make a reservation here as I’ve only seen 7 episodes for Eleven.)

I was thinking the other day about how curious it is that I’ve never seen it before. Swedish television airs all sorts of weird shows from both the US and the UK, but I can’t remember ever catching even a single episode of The Doctor on tv.

The other day I was browsing Pinterest (my drug of choice) and came across this necklace.

(Image borrowed from Etsy)

It’s my favourite quote from my favourite episode so I snatched it up as soon as I saw it and I’m F5-ing Etsy daily to see if the status of it has changed from Paid to Shipped.

It will go perfectly with my T.A.R.D.I.S-bag (in the making) and a tee that I have asked for as a Mother’s Day gift.


2 thoughts on “… it goes ding when there’s stuff …

  1. I had never heard of the Dr Who tv series before until you brought it to my attention. We had it on Friday when I was still trying to finish the smocking on BK's intended dress. My oldest got into it pretty quickly. I'm not sure which season it was that was airing that day…we're going to go back and find season 1 as I like to start watching shows (& reading books for that matter) from the first instead of starting in the middle.

  2. Oh, you are in for a treat! I only picked it up because Mark Read & Watches started watching it.We're on season 5 like I said and if you really, really want to start from the beginning you have to go 47 years back as it started to air in 1963 and ran until 1988-ish.It was revived in 2005 and I suggest starting there. This is what is currently called season 1. It has Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor and Billie Piper as the companion.I bought the first 4 seasons (1 season of Eccleston and 3 seasons of Tennant) from Amazon UK for a bargain price. I suggest starting there if you prefer to go the legal route. I'm sure it's available on Netflix or the like too.The quote on the necklace is from season 3, Episode “Blink” which is a lot of people's favourite.I'm not an expert but any questions feel free to ask and I will answer if I can.

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