Phone issues

So, I went ahead and ordered an iPhone. I’ve wanted one for a while but had almost decided not to get one as I have a perfectly fine phone already, an iPod Touch that Rickard gave me last year and I bought an iPad in NY last summer.

But .. well, I really wanted one. So I decided to go ahead after all.

I ordered the phone on Thursday afternoon last week. On Friday I got a txt-message saying I could pick up the phone at my parcel pick-up place (the grocery store).

The SIM-card would come later.

So Monday I was looking for it when the mail came. Nothing.

Tuesday I was looking for it, but the envelope from the telephone company had a different content and no SIM-card. I called them and asked how long I was supposed to wait and the guy told me it would be there Wednesday at the latest.

Yesterday I was looking for it, but still nothing so I called again. “You are call number 76 in line. We will answer your call as soon as possible.” 20 minutes later I had a person on the line telling me they had sent out the card Friday last week.

Ok where did you send it?

Uhm … *keyboard clatter* we sent it to “address where I used to live – 4 years ago”

??? Why did you send it there? All other mail from you comes to my current address, and the phone too that I ordered at the same time.

Uhm … *keyboard clatter* oops, we must have made a mistake. I will send you a new SIM-card .. but wait since we already sent you a new one that hasn’t been activated, I can’t .. uhm … let me see … uhm ..

I don’t really care what you do so long as you send me a new card to my current address, de-activate the one I will never get since mail forwarding doesn’t last 4 years, and make sure I have the new SIM-card before the weekend.

Uhm .. yes, I will take care of it.

This morning:

After I had dropped the girls off at school and daycare I took out my phone to see what time it was – “SIM Inactive”.

So now I have an iPhone at home that I cannot use. I have a SIM-card at the post office in town where I used to live, looking for a home that it will never arrive at.
I have a phone that I kinda-sorta need that has a de-activated SIM-card.

Not many rights on that list.

I just hope the new card arrives before the weekend.


3 thoughts on “Phone issues

  1. @Justine: 😦 indeed. I'm crossing all fingers today that the card comes in the mail.@Cindy: I hope so to. I didn't know I was that dependent on the phone.

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