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At the Seashore …

Last night I sewed up two Seashore dresses for the girls.

Almost done
(Taken with my phone late last night)

This afternoon I had them try the dresses on.

Too tight in the chest and tummy on both of them, and the armscye was way too high and yet the straps were a bit short.
Not much right there.

I took out the side seams 1/4″ which gave me about 1″ extra width. I hope that’s enough.

Turned out though that I had made some alterations to my machine and the needle was not in the right position so my machine plate measurements were a bit off, which would explain some of the tightness.

Sofia’s dress is done so I’ll have her try it on and see what the results are. Only then I’ll alter Isabel’s.


2 thoughts on “At the Seashore …

  1. Sofia's fit beautifully. Isabel's fit but not for much longer. Also I couldn't make my machine cooperate to make buttonholes so I put in snaps instead. Not perfect but it will have to do.

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