Posted for accountability

I try to divide my sewing evenly between my two girls. Lately Isabel has been a bit more difficult to please though.

And since she was just given a huge pile of clothes I haven’t felt like I need to sew as much for her.

So after having a “bit of an oops” at the fabric store the other day I decided to make fixed plans on what to make of everything.

I know it looks like a lot, and it is, but I don’t think it’s impossible.

I’m making one Nature Walk Pullover for each girl from green and red fleece with dots and penguins.
Sofia will get a School Photo Dress from pink and white gingham and I plan to use some eyelet lace as piping on the front and sleeves.
I’m making an Ice Cream Dress for Sofia from some red Modern Workshop-fabric and a Hopscotch Skirt in a yellow MW.
The groovy mod print on the upper right will become a Playdate Dress using a blue/green solid as the yoke. Also for Sofia.
– I’m trying to fit in two 2+2 Blouses with short sleeves on the fabric will dolls, using some beige/white seersucker/gingham for ties and patch. I hope Isabel will like it and not think it’s too Babyish. I asked her and she liked it. Score! I might get some chocolate brown twill to make them each a 2+2 Skirt as well.
– Finally I hope to squeeze in two Family Reunion Blouses on the 30’s inspired green floral. Some red buttons and some red ric rac would be nice too. That would be one each.

I had planned to have the fleece pullovers done by Midsummer’s Eve but I’m not keeping my hopes up. I’m cutting Isabel’s pullover tonight so if that goes smoothly I might get some sewing done.


2 thoughts on “Posted for accountability

  1. I love the way you photographed the fabrics and patterns together Lotta – it's a great idea – think I should start doing that as I forget what I've bought fabric for!!!Hope you get lots of sewing done!

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