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Nature Walk for Midsummer

We celebrated Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden on Friday, and even though it’s the start of summer it does get a bit chilly in the evenings and I wanted to make a sweater for the girls to wear.
I’ve been eyeing the Nature Walk Pullovers for a while (I love the pants that come with that pattern!) and decided to give it a try.

I bought green and red fleece at my local fabric store, dotted and with penguins. I love how they look so surprised!

Isabel was away at camp for 5 days when I started them so Sofia got first pick, and she wanted the greens.


I used white broadcloth to line the pullovers. I feared if I lined it with fleece they would turn out too warm to wear now. I also used the same broadcloth for all facings.

I’m actually glad Sofia picked the green as I believe Isabel fits better in the red one. She was very pleased with it when she saw it as she came home from camp.


I made the two pullovers in tandem – it made it a bit more productive. And I finished them both in two nights.

I will definitely make them again, but I will add some width to the body as they turned out to be a bit slim for my girls. I will also do them in a different fabric. The fleece was a bit thick. I think I’ll try them in some sweatshirt fabric or jersey.

I also want to experiment with the pattern and make them in one piece – maybe omitting the pockets. I’ll bet they are a really quick sew that way.


One thought on “Nature Walk for Midsummer

  1. Glad to hear about the width. I have had this pattern for ages and only made the pants. I also will be making a size 7. I bought fleece during the winter to make one, but i think I'll try to make one in sweatshirt fleece first. Yours are very cute.

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