Tents and air mattresses and bad backs don’t mix

The girls and Rickard are camping tonight

Rickard began his 5 week vacation last week and was toying with the idea to take the girls camping. He decided to try it out by camping in our garden. The tent is meant for two people, but it fit them tolerably well.

Unfortunately, the mattresses he used were too thin for him so he kept waking up with aches and pains and when he turned over the blanket fell off him (we only had two sleeping bags and the girls appropriated them) and he got cold.
So Sunday morning he was pretty tired as they came back inside at 6:45 am.

So after we had visited with my Dad at the hospital we drove to the camping store to get him a proper air mattress, plus some stuffs for Isabel’s birthday.
And then he decided to try the new mattress out this night on his own just to make sure he could handle sleeping on it. (He’s got a history of throwing his back out really bad and didn’t want to chance anything)

So last night at 11 pm he got dressed and went out into the tent and went to sleep (and I got some sewing done)

And this morning he came inside at 6:45 am when I was just heading to the shower before work.

His back was perfectly fine, but I somehow threw mine out as I reached for my towel after my shower and I have been in pain all day.

Which has really put a damper on my sewing. Gah!


One thought on “Tents and air mattresses and bad backs don’t mix

  1. This looks so fun (minus the strained backs)! I have been wanting to take DD camping and I think we shall try some backyard camping this weekend!

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