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Party plans

So, my little one had a birthday a few weeks ago and on Saturday we’re having a party for her little friends.

I try not to go over board on the planning, but I do admit to having a bit of an Amy Atlas-moment now and then.


Last year I went a bit over board and we had leftover candy for months. This time I’m going to go easy and not over-do it.
There will be lots of cake, but we’re going to my parents in the afternoon so maybe I can bring it there.

I have a few crafts I want to do before the party and I hope to find the time tonight so I don’t have to do it last minute.
I’m picking up flowers on Friday afternoon and maybe the girls can help me dress one or two embroidery hoops with ribbons to hang over the table.

So wish me luck and I’ll post pictures after the fact.


One thought on “Party plans

  1. I love reading Amy's blog and seeing the gorgeous photos of other parties but every day I think about how much of that candy, etc. will end up in the trash!

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