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So. Much. Frustration. Gah!

On Tuesday I got a slip in the mail telling me I had a parcel to collect at my usual pick-up place.

It’s from someone whose name I recognise and I know almost exactly what’s in the parcel.(TimTams!!)

So yesterday I drove to the grocery store to do the shopping and to pick up the package – can’t let Timtams lie around uneaten like that!

Only – the parcel wasn’t at the store! It hadn’t “arrived yet”!

“But I got the slip yesterday” I said.

“Uhm, no – Uhm, let me see. No it’s not here. It’s not been registered in the computer.”

So no TimTams for me.

This morning I called and there was still no package and I was advised to call again this afternoon. Sigh.

Fingers crossed it turns up, please.

It’s completely possible that the package is there, at the store, only it was missed in registration. So if it’s not turned up this afternoon I’m going to have them search the mail room.

You don’t dangle Timtams in front of a person’s face like that!


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