It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! – Well, she didn’t want to!


We had a party for Sofia last weekend. She turned 4 a month ago and wanted to invite her friends to a party.

She requested a dessert table like the one I made her last year and I obliged.


I made a lemon pound cake with lemon icing and we served home made strawberry syrup in little glass bottles.


Each child got a party favour to take home that I made myself from two paper plates that were stapled together and stuffed with candy, some streamers and a balloon. I decorated the plates with self-designed stickers and a ribbon.

I also made chocolate chip cookies that I slipped into cd-envelopes and put a sticker on. Kind of cute I think.


I also made her a cake as she requested. Chocolate cake filled with apple butter and sliced bananas. Frosted with whipped cream. I used the icing from the pound cake to write on the cake and it turned out spectacular if I do say so myself.
I haven’t the world’s neatest handwriting so this picture makes me proud even though it’s a lousy picture.


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