Silence is Golden

Some days you can’t really find the words to express what you feel.

Our next door country has been through an incredible tragedy and it’s so horrific the words really fail me.

❤ #norway


4 thoughts on “Silence is Golden

  1. Yes Catherine, it's not that far from us. I have ex co-workers who live in Oslo too so it's an added strain. I hope Rickard can find out about them tomorrow when he goes back to work (they are his current co-workers).Not only is the crime awful. The media has behaved appallingly (in Sweden at least) publishing pictures of the children lying dead on the cliffs and beaches of the island.And of course politicians use this to further their own agendas.I'm glad we don't have a news paper and that Isabel's not in school right now. She doesn't need to know too much about this, and I'm not sure how to answer any questions she might have about this.How can you explain what he has done to a 7 yo? When I can't even explain it to myself.

  2. I just was saying that there are no words to describe this to a Year 12 class. Have been thinking of you, Lotta, even though I know you are not in Norway.Our media also published what I consider to be inappropriate pictures.

  3. walking on the beach yesterday discussing this with my big 3,Son asked me 'why would he do that'?my children saw it on ABC1 after watching cartoons!I am so sorry lotta

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