I haven’t sewn properly for what feels like weeks. I had a burst the other day when I did buttonholes on the girls’ 2+2 blouses.
But since then. Nothing.

I have a pile of laundry to iron and my kitchen is a mess. The bathrooms need a good scrubbing and my wardrobe could do with a sorting.

But in the end, after the girls are in bed I sink into the sofa and do nothing.

Maybe it’s the turn of the season, it’s been cold and windy here for the past few days.

Isabel has started school and they have gym classes now. It said on the info paper we got that they would be outside as much as possible so I have planned to make her a Nature Walk Pullover and pants as a kind of track suit. The fabric is washed, the pattern is drafted and I just have to pin it and get started.

Tonight the girls and I are making a lasagne in preparation for Thursday when Isabel has riding class. I had planned to make a pie last night for our dinner tonight, but it never happened.
Maybe I’ll get that done tonight instead.

For now I should get back to work – but first. Coffee.


2 thoughts on “Apathetic

  1. I feel your pain, Lotta! Often when there's so much to do, I shut down and nothing gets done…not even the things (like sewing) that I WANT to do. I hope that you get your groove back soon.:)

  2. You are so busy with working and running a house as well as sewing. I find I always crash after a very productive few weeks/months. I've learned not to worry to much about the crash but enjoy it. When I do crash I do a lot of tv watching, reading and browsing sites online. It's a way to regroup. The seasons changing is always hard for me too. Especially winter to spring. That's the hardest. Hang in there!

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