15 years ago yesterday Rickard and I got engaged.

We had gotten rings together ahead of time and packed a picnic basket and headed to Ales Stenar.


We stood by the largest stone at the West end of the circle and exchanged rings. We took a picture of us too but it’s non digital and I haven’t got a scanner.

After that we drove to Skillinge, a little fishing town a few kilometers north east of Ales Stenar and had lunch at the Harbour restaurant there. We had fried, whole plaice with potatoes and a cold sauce and it was delicious.

We had taken out an ad in the paper the next day and my father called in the morning to ask where we had been the day before. We hadn’t told them or Rickard’s parents about it, and his parents even missed the ad so we had to call them to let them know.

We got married 4 years later.


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