well now …

I completely lost track of the days and missed the Autumnal Equinox last week.

We certainly feel the days are shorter. We get gorgeous sunsets with our dinner and by the girls’ bedtime it’s dark outside.

This morning Sofia told me it snowed and when I said that it was unlikely she looked again and said “But it’s dark out. Why is it dark out?”

I remember Isabel had difficulty understanding that at four too.

I have started lighting the candles in the lamp above our kitchen table after dinner. It looks so cosy with the lights lit and soon enough I’ll go through a pack of IKEA tea lights in one and a half weeks.

Speaking of – an IKEA visit needs to be scheduled.

I need to trim the candle in the lantern outside so we can start lighting it in the afternoons. Rickard gets home pretty late and I like to have the lantern lit when he comes home.

I’ve not taken any pretty pictures in a while so there will be nothing to break this post up. I hope to have some by the end of the weekend. I have the day off tomorrow and I plan to spend it by the sewing machine.

Happy weekend!

(Also – how much am I looking forward to tomorrow’s season finale of Doctor Who? ;__________________________________________________________; This much!)


One thought on “well now …

  1. I need some IKEA tea lights too. I am intrigued by the lantern you light. Is it outside your house? I love that idea. Someone in my neighborhood has a gas lamp outside their house so it's always burning and it gives such a warm glow. Enjoy your sewing day!

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