Life altering

I think we decided this weekend not to get a Christmas tree this year.

We are celebrating Christmas at our house and there simply isn’t room for it with 10 people in attendance.

Plus (and this really is the biggest reason), Rickard seems to be allergic to the tree since he usually gets an itchy feeling in the back of his throat the day after we bring the tree inside.

The girls were surprisingly ok with it and said it wasn’t necessary. I’m a bit sad about it, but I hope to find some nice light garland to decorate a pillar/mini wall we have that could serve as a substitute.

I think I need to go to town to see what I can find.


4 thoughts on “Life altering

  1. Oh, Lotta – that's sensible, but a bit sad all the same! When we renovated, I actually included a spare space just for the tree! Can't wait to see what you do instead…

  2. Perhaps an artificial tree? I love having a real tree but it's not been in the budget the last few years plus John doesn't particularly care for pine needles all over the house. We've been making do with a 6 ft. fake tree that we got for free. At night with the lights glowing and the ornaments sparkling, it's really quite nice.

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