Change of plans

Well, how did I do last night?

Most of my plans kind of went out the window when I came home to a very sad little Isabel who definitely didn’t want to go to the stables. She’s been hesitant about going for a few weeks and last night Rickard and she had a talk and what it boils down to is that we are letting her quit.
The classes were paid through January but she’s been secretly crying because she doesn’t want to ride. She even offered us money from her allowance to cover the fee we’ve already paid.

Instead Rickard took them all to the bath house for some swimming and playing and all was well. So I got two glorious hours to myself last night. I started the meat sauce and went upstairs to sew

So the results:
Bathe Sofia – she showered at the bathhouse
Meat sauce and spagetti – get sauce started and let simmer while bathing and puttering around the sewing room
Quilt the runner – I quilted a quarter of what I had left
Prep the Sophia bag and start sewing the lining
Napkins/placemats – start prepping
Find the Christmas/winter curtains
Dresses for the girls – decide on the patterns and take measurements to decide sizes
Big purse bag – pick fabrics
Double pocket purses – pick fabrics
Baguette clutch – pick fabrics
Isabel shower
Bedtime – find Julkalendern on SVT.se for the girls
Do some sewing until 9:30 pm then catch something on the telly with R
Bedtime before 11 pm please

There weren’t a lot of sewing. Instead I decided to catch up on some telly that Rickard doesn’t want to watch.

Instead I plan to decide on dress patterns with the girls this afternoon. I have a meeting with Sofia’s daycare teacher to discuss her progress and then I’m picking up Isabel from school and we’re headed home to a lazy Friday.
I even managed to figure out a dinner that wouldn’t need me to go to the shops. Enjoy your beans on toast 🙂

Isabel needs to clean her room and Sofia too, and I need to get organised in my sewing room so we’ll probably putter around upstairs until R comes home.


3 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Poor girl! Did something happen to make her not like riding? It seemed like she was really enjoying it before. I don't like to let kids quit but when they're that miserable about it, there's no sense in torturing them by making them stick with it.

  2. Cindy, that's exactly my point. We let her try out riding because she wanted to – we never signed a contract that it was all she ever had to do.I do not like that she quit in the middle of the term, but like you said no point in torturing her.We thought she didn't like the teacher and offered to see if we could have her change groups but she said that wasn't it – she thought it was too hard. I think she's not really ready physically for it. So I have made a point of letting her know she can pick it up again whenever she wants to.

  3. Awwww. I took ballet for 10 years, and near the end I was crying every time my grandmother dropped me off. One day when I volunteered to get my vaccination shot instead of go to ballet, she realized how much I really hated it and let me quit.

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