Phone issues

I’m having issues with my phone and thought I’d take the time to blog while it’s being reset.

I was working from home today. I had some manuals out on review and got them back the day before yesterday with loads of comments and somehow I get less distracted if I sit at home and make the adjustments.

I had BBC’s Sherlock on in the background – I can’t see the telly from the kitchen table where I was sitting so I could only hear it, and it’s still compelling.
It’s fun how much of the foreshadowing you pick up on when you watch/listen to it again and again.

Incidentally – I read they start filming the new series of Doctor Who on the 20th. They’ll air series 7 this fall. It’s going to be amazing I have no doubt.

I got lots done but I didn’t finish – I’ll have to pick it up again on Monday. I only work 4.5 hours on Fridays and get off at 1 pm.

Since my phone was acting up (the touch screen is being wonky on the left side) I decided to go fetch the girls and then take the bus to town.
Normally I would have walked past the school to pick up Sofia first so Isabel wouldn’t have to walk back and forth, but then I realised there is a bus outside the daycare that we could catch and so I picked Isabel up first after all.

It was halfway from school to daycare that I noticed she was still wearing her wellies. So we ended up picking Sofia up and still walking back to school so Isabel could change into her boots. Had it not been Friday I wouldn’t have bothered.

We caught the bus – it was only a few minutes to wait – and got off the bus downtown. We took a walk to their least favourite store – the phone store.
Once there the clerk couldn’t help me and said I would have to do a complete reset and I needed to do a proper back up of the phone first so I couldn’t do it there. Meaning we went there completely in vain.

The girls were happy though as it meant we went to a coffee house for hot chocolate, scones and cupcakes.

After fika we went to get Sofia a warmer jacket. She’s had a thin fall jacket until now but it’s gotten too cold to use it. Even though she wears a cardi underneath it’s too cold.
She was very happy with the busy pink and purple print on the jacket we got.

After that we went to the pharmacy, the video game store, Matas (which is like Boots in the UK), the kitchen supply store and then we decided to meet up with Rickard who had the car today so we walked to Isabel’s first daycare in town and the girls played at that playground.
I felt like a icicle once Rickard showed up and I’m still freezing.

We’ve had dinner and Rickard and the girls are watching telly and I’m battling my phone to make it work. Fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “Phone issues

  1. It's actually not that dark any more! The sun rises before 8 now so it's usually light when I drop the girls off and it sets after 5 pm so it's still light by 5:30 pm.And now that we've gotten snow it lights up even more.But it's crazy cold. I hate it.

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