Pancake breakfast

We’ve had a weekend off from activities and I almost promised the girls to go to town and have breakfast today Sunday.
Then we ended up going to town on Friday to have my phone looked at and yesterday my Mum treated us to dinner out to celebrate her birthday. So going out again today felt excessive.

Instead I promised the girls pancakes or waffles for breakfast.


I ended up staying up way too late last night playing games on my iPad and didn’t turn off the light until a quarter to 2 am. I know. Stupid.

By 7:30 am both girls were up and wanted to watch telly. They can start it up themselves so I quickly went back to sleep.
Then at 8:15 am Isabel stomps into our bedroom proclaiming it morning and time to get up.
We both moan and tell her to leave and Rickard quickly goes back to sleep, but I can’t for the life of me do the same.

I did try but I just couldn’t relax enough.

In the end I went downstairs and started the pancake making.

I made a smaller batch this morning since I didn’t want to spend all morning frying up pancakes so I only used up 2 eggs.


Sofia only ate 6 hearts and left the other 6 I made her but Isabel scarfed them all down and had a sandwich or two as well.

This is how I made them:

2 dl all-purpose flour (1 cup is 2.5-ish dl so slightly less then a cup)

1 tsp salt
4 dl milk (1.5% – skimmed, right?)
2 eggs
a splash of liquid shortening or melted butter/margarine
If you’re not eating savoury toppings with this a splash of vanilla extract is nice to add as well.

Mix the flour and the salt. Add half the milk to the flour and beat with a whisk until there are no lumps (or at least not too many), then add the rest of the milk.
Beat in the eggs and the shortening and leave it to rest for 15 minutes if you have the time.

Heat up a skillet and melt a little butter/shortening to help indicate when the pan is hot enough. Pour in enough to cover the bottom of the skillet and let it sit until the batter is dry on top, then flip the pancake and fry it on the other side.

I usually heat up the skillet on max heat and fry the first pancake, after I flip that one I reduce the heat (7 of 9 – hah, how’s that for a geeky reference) and fry the rest. The first pancake is usually a little paler than the rest.
If you have some shortening in the batter you only need to butter the skillet that first time.

These are more like crepes I guess. My mother would pour in the batter to cover the bottom, let it fry a second or two then pour the excess off into the bowl. That makes the thinnest crepes, but it also takes a lot longer so I never bother.

Today I poured the batter into a squezy bottle since I used my heart shape skillet. It’s easier not to get too much batter into each slot.

Serve with honey, jam, cinnamon sugar, peanut butter, Nutella.

I like to spread peanut butter on one, add sliced bananas and a little dollop of Nutella or a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar and some shaved coconut if I have it then put a second pancake on top.

Sometimes I fry up small pieces of bacon until they are really crispy then transfer them to a paper towel. Mix the batter but leave the vanilla out and put a tbsp of bacon pieces in the pan before adding the batter. Make them a little thicker to make sure the bacon stays put.
Serve with  lingonberry jam or cranberry jam/jelly (don’t serve with the sweet jams like strawberry or raspberry, it needs a bit of tang to compliment the saltyness of the bacon).


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