Doing something about it

I wasn’t going to post about this on this blog but I feel the need to report that in the past 5 weeks I have dropped 13 lbs in weight.

I’m following the Weight Watcher’s program since that worked for me a couple of years ago. I have 28 lbs to go to my first goal post. After that I’ll set a new goal and work towards that. This will be a long journey. Last time I was in Weight Watchers it took 13 months to reach my goal weight.

I expect this time to take as long or longer.

I do weigh-in on the weekends (Saturday), and I do them at home. In the morning. On the Wii Board since our bathroom scales doesn’t have batteries in it.

I plan to measure my body (I have to do this either way since I plan to make myself some clothes) and mostly use that as a guide. My jeans are already falling down on my hips and I have to take them in a bit soon.

I will not be posting about it here every week or even every month. It’s too personal.


4 thoughts on “Doing something about it

  1. Congratulations! I did WW for about a month and then I got burned out on recording everything. It's esp. difficult when you are cooking at home and have to look up the points of every ingredient. How do you stay on track with it?

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