Stockings to leggings

Sofia is growing at a crazy rate and she’s at that stage now where lots of her clothes are too small and I need to fill it up not only with spring/summer clothes but also with a bigger size.

It’s still a bit chilly in the mornings. It’s not unusual to have below zero temps when I drop them off at school and daycare and then in the afternoons it’s 15C or more.

The other day Sofia showed me that she had a hole on her footed leggings, or stockings as I tend to call them. And since they are a smaller size than she needs I would have thrown them out, but then I thought maybe I could salvage them.


So I cut the feet off them and sewed some ribbed cuffs to the ends. I even had a blue ribbed cuff at home that matched the blue dots on the stockings.


In Sweden they sell precut ribbed cuffs at the fabric store in lots of different colours and I tend to stock up on them when ever I’m there.


They make great wristwarmers and I’m pretty sure we could figure out a way to use them for Barbie clothes as well.

Yay for upcycling!


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