Easter goodies

Yesterday I spent a fortune at The English Shop in town.

We were charged with arranging the girls and their cousins’ Easter eggs and I decided to get some Cadbury Creme Eggs since I’ve never tried them before. I got one egg each to put in their Easter egg and then I got a 6-pack for us for later. I also found some Cadbury Creme Eggs Splash which I think are the same only made to look like cracked eggs. The eggs will also have some Jelly Beans in them and a Hershey bar.

Then I found MacKay’s Pink Grapefruit marmalade which is one of my favourite marmalades for toast. On the same shelf I found greengage jam which I have heard of but never tried before.

Walker’s Shortbread is a must whenever I’m there so I got two small packets with just two cookies in each.

Two boxes of Dark Chocolate Tim Tams (yum), a bag of frozen Yorkshire puddings and a bag of Hot Cross buns.

The Hot Cross buns were ok, but not something I’ll be going out of my way to find again. I would like to try to make my own though.

I chucked the Yorkshire puddings in the freezer and I plan to serve them with a roast chicken one of these days.

I opened the Tim Tams last night but ended up having a Hot Cross bun and a chocolate chip shortbread instead. The girls love Tim Tams so I think I’ll save them as a treat for us all during the holiday.


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