Weekend Travel Bag


This is what an Amy Butler Weekend Travel Bag looks like when all the pieces are cut out. What’s not present in this picture are the huge Timtex pieces I had cut out for the sides and the outside pockets and bottoms.

I cut the Timtex pieces out around Christmas and they have been cluttering my sewing room ever since.

Work in progress

I started the bag just after Easter and although it was a bit fiddly there were no difficult steps.

It's huge!

I finished the shell of my Weekend Travel Bag last weekend and today I got the lining done.

I wanted to add some pockets to the lining. Pockets are good. Love pockets. But it took longer than I had thought. I kept getting interrupted.

This morning though, after we finished tidying up Sofia’s room (note to self: Never let it go this far again!) I sat down to finish the it.

What is left now is to tack the seam allowances of the bag to the lining’s and then to slip stitch around the zipper on the inside.

I hope to start that tonight.The false bottom is also prepared and only needs some slip stitching to be finished.

I bought a set of bag feet for the finished bag but I’ve been looking all over for them without any luck. I’m going through my shelves in a bit and hopefully I’ll find them before tonight.

Wish me luck!


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