The state of our driveway has been a source of mild stress for us since we moved in five years ago. It’s consisted mostly of gravel ranging from teeny to large and the weeds have been hard to control.

We had plans to dig it out and replace it with some uniform gravel, I would have liked flagstones but the slope of our drive way is a bit too steep for it.


A couple of weeks ago the community association had a team of landscapers and construction workers here to work on our community back yard, including laying down asphalt on our bike lanes.

The company who did it offered to have our driveways paved for a very reasonable sum and we jumped at the chance.

Sure gravel would be prettier but asphalt is so much easier to maintain.


So the morning after our National Day the girls and I were having breakfast when the team of workers drove up and asked me to move our car so they could get to work.

In the 30 minutes they were there before we left they had dropped asphalt on half our driveway and were busy spreading it out and packing it.

In the evening when I came home the driveway was beautifully black and smooth.

(Please excuse the sad state of our windows. The window cleaner is due in July and I haven’t had the energy to get it done before. So far this summer has been unusually windy and since there has been construction going on there’s been a lot of sand blowing around, getting stuck to our windows.
That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.)


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