More pictures


I wanted to share two more pictures from Isabel’s graduation. All the kids in her school from the Preschool grade (6 year olds) to 5th grade (11 years) graduated together in the school yard.

The day was clear but windy and more than a few of the parents there probably felt a little chill.

I find few things feel more comforting than seeing our blue and yellow flag against a blue summer sky while listening to kids singing our special summer graduation songs. I admit I got something in my eye when they sang.

I would post pictures here of the gathered kids but I want to respect their privacy so I chose not to.


Instead you get this picture of a grumpy little sister – not sure why she was cross or even if she was. Whenever she is with Rickard she asks if he can carry her and I think he will until she stops asking. She’s getting too heavy for me to carry around but Daddy will comply for a while longer.


One thought on “More pictures

  1. I read a newspaper column once where the writer, a mom, was trying to think of the last time she carried her now-grown sons. That made me so sad…I carry mine whenever I can!!

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