Finally finished


I made Sofia this quilt in 2010. She got it just before Christmas that year.

There are twelve prints in the quilt and I had enough left over to make a patchwork big enough for a pillow case for her.


But as I pinned it to a ready made pillow case something else got in the way (most likely chicken pox given the date), and finally it got buried in the bottom of my to-do-pile.


But yesterday as I was trying to get a handle on the mess that is my sewing room I found the pillow case and while it might sound weird that I stopped organising and started sewing it made sense in my head.
The alternative would be to put it in a new pile of “stuffs to do” or I could just take the time and finish it.


Easy peasy. I attached the patch work to a ready made pillow case with a wide zig-zag, then sewed additional zig zags down each seam line in the patch work.

Sadly my organising has made me mislay the present I bought for Isabel’s birthday. I cannot find it any where.

Very annoying.


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