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Quilt for Sofia

I made this quilt top a good long while back.

2012-07-08 21.35.37

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I used a video tutorial from Missouri Star to make the top. It took less than 90 minutes for me since i was a bit rusty at the time.

It’s also been basted for a while before I got around to quilt it.

2012-07-08 22.51.46

I asked a few online friends for tips on how to quilt it. I wanted a sparse quilting since I loved the drape of the quilt with the batting in. I feared a too dense quilting would stiffen it up and make it less cuddly.

2012-07-12 18.57.46

After much agonising I decided on making large pentagonal stars. I could fit three width wise and four length wise and I opted on alternating the colours of each row so as not to run out of my chosen colour.


The quilting took a lot less time than I thought it would and it sewed up quickly.


I love how the stars show up on the back.


I used two IKEA fleece blankets as batting and a large sized white sheet as a backing. I plan for Sofia to use it for sleeping and not much showing off.

Done and delivered

Finally I took inspiration from other online friends and embroidered a little label for the back of it. The dress is designed by Sarah Jane and I just added some handwriting underneath to date and dedicate the quilt.

I’ve already started on a second label for the quilt I’m making for Isabel. The jelly roll I’m using  only shipped from Texas two days ago … maybe I’m going about this wrong?


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