Lazy Friday

Sadly no background fabric from the States this week. My guess is that they have been held up in customs and they’ll be here on Monday.

I went back to work this week and it’s been mad. I sent off the manuals I’ve been working on to be translated into three different languages just before my vacation and I have been trying to make sense of it all ever since Monday.

On our doorstep: iPad, on our couch:  Wii.

It was nice to leave work at lunch today. I usually work until 1 pm on Fridays but today our server had to be restarted at noon and that would take upwards of 30 minutes to get done so I finished up what I could do off the servers and left early.

After our lunch/afternoon snack the girls sat down for some gaming. Isabel picked the Wii as usual. But I really adore Sofia’s gaming locale. She took my iPad and played some Smallworld on it, snuggled down on a blanket on our door step.

More dresden plates in the works

I cut up a few charm squares for a new Dresden plate project I have planned. I didn’t count how many blades I ended up with but later tonight as I prepared some appliqué for Isabel I found some left over layer cake squares from the same line so however many I had I will have a few more by tomorrow.

Saturday coming up and we have a sleep-over planned at our place. Sofia is having a friend over. Exciting doesn’t even begin to describe it!


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