Army corset, part 2

About a month and a half ago I started on a new corset.

I got as far as sewing the outer shell and the lining together but then I had to put it on hold because I didn’t have a busk or any boning.

Shell done.

I placed an order with a UK company for two black busks and boning for three corsets -ish. They shipped it promptly but then my Post Office was giving me a lot of trouble and wouldn’t release it to me.
Since the value was so high the supplier had sent it insured and I hadn’t used my full name on the order but rather the name I go by from day to day so the Post wouldn’t let me have it.

It took a few days to sort that but finally I got it and went home to get going … only to find out that the busks had been out of stock and would be sent later.


Finally in my last week of vacation I managed to eke out some spare time and put the busk in.


It’s a bit fiddly but it went together smoothly. I stitched the seam twice for durability and cursed my machine for not letting me set stitch length in smaller increments than 0.5 – very annoying.


So one side of the busk is in, the other needs a modesty panel cut out too before I put that busk part in.
I am also debating if I should put in the mock belt I’ve seen on my inspiration picture or if I shold skip it. I have had trouble finding a nice buckle for it. At least one big enough.


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