Movies and quilt thoughts

We’re going to see Brave tomorrow night, or more like today since it’s past midnight.

It’s opening night and I booked tickets for the good seats in the middle of the theatre with lots of leg room for me and Rickard.

Saturday we’re having date day/night. The girls are spending the night at my parents and we are yet again going to the movies. Bourne Legacy this time.

I also plan to do some quilt piecing on Saturday. I got my back ground fabric delivered and once I put in the grommets in my corset tomorrow afternoon (hopefully) I will feel free to start quilting.

I started basting my huge Cherry quilt tonight but I had to undo it because the border was too wavy. I must fix that before I can baste again.

I have a few other quilt projects in my head that I need to put down on paper, or draw up in Illustrator. I should do that before the new Oliver + S patterns are released and delivered which gives me roughly 1.5 weeks.


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