Don’t be a doormat

In our former life. When we lived in town as DINKies we bought this very nifty doormat.

New doormat - love

It says Cellphone, Keys, Wallet.

I love the simplicity of it and it did help me remember to bring all my stuff.

When we moved to our house 5 plus years ago the mat had seen better days and when my helpful FIL tried to bang it free of dirt against a wall he managed to tear off a corner of it.
Now it resides in our shed.

I happened upon an identical doormat at an online shop a few weeks ago and decided it was time to get one again.

Unfortunately when it arrived I felt it was a bit small for our hall – or maybe it was just that I had gotten used to the larger one we had.

It was a bit small so I cut a hole in the one we had before and taped it down in the back. #diy #ihasit

So I flipped the larger one and placed the new one on the back and traced the outline. Then I cut out a hole in our larger mat and taped the new one down with duct tape on the back.



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