This has been a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we had almost 20 degrees and clear skies.

We took the bus to town and had breakfast at Starbucks at the Central Station. While eating I reserved tickets for us all to go see Hotel Transylvania at noon and we took a stroll through town browsing some shops before picking up the tickets.

The movie was fun and the girls both enjoyed it too. Before we left in the morning we had sort of promised them a round of miniature golf at Folkets Park so we walked over there via the video store and played a round. I won by a narrow margin!

The bus home stops right outside the park so we didn’t have far to go once we decided to head home.

We missed the bus by a minute and had 20 minutes to spend while waiting for the next one so we stocked up for dinner at the store next to the stop.

We made home made pizzas and had ice cream but the girls were very disappoint we forgot the candy.

After the girls were in bed we got caught up on some televison before bed.

It was a great day.

Today I drove to the store for breakfast bread and the fancy juice. I picked up a package with some art I had bought while I was there.

After we ate I caught a bug of some kind and started cleaning. The patio door has been full of finger prints for a while so I decided to get them all cleaned. And while I was at it I vaccuumed the wooden blinds we have there. It was long over due too.

Rickard left with Sofia for swimming lessons, and Isabel helped me mop the floors in the laundry while I did the kitchen and hallway.

When Rickard and Sofia returned he started mowing the lawn and I took the girls to IKEA for lunch and some shopping.

We were out of candles and I wanted frames for the art I got. I also got new shades for the lamps in the living room. I just need to dig out the old bases for them. I think they’re in the attic. I also found some great boxes for our pantry to make it more organised. It’s been anarchy in there for a while. It’s now looking much better.

We finished the day with fried herring and mash potatoes. A classic Swedish dish that I haven’t made in this house ever. (We’ve lived here for 5+ years). Isabel ate 4 fillets/fish and declared it a great meal. Sofia ate one fillet and said she didn’t like it but ate it anyway. Yay!
Rickard and I stuffed our faces with it and there are still food left over for my lunch tomorrow.

I got so much done at home today that I’ve been putting off. It feels great. and I hung the art in the new frames. One print in the kitchen and one in the laundry.

Tomorrow I’ll see about those lamp bases. After dance class.


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