I had lots of stuff to do at work but since everyone was headed home, and I still, after 4 years haven’t gotten familiar with the alarm system in the building, I packed up too and kept working for 40 minutes when I came home.

The project is due on Friday and I am beginning to freak out. I leave on Sunday to host classes on the machine we have been building and I do not feel ready.

The girls were dropped off at the in-laws’ this morning and will spend tomorrow and Thursday there so I can work late a few more days.

As I drove on the road out of town to go that short loop around before heading back to populated areas, the Moon hung low in the sky.

It dipped behind a barrow hill when the road turned and then showed up behind another barrow only to disappear again.

I stopped to take a picture of it but my iPhone just doesn’t do it justice, and once I came home and had access to my good camera it had risen so high in the sky the feeling was gone and I am left to savour the memory of it.
File it away in my internal photo bank.

Rickard is away and I just had a few sandwiches and some coffee for supper. I was going to start on some quilting but I’m just not feeling it.
I’ll leave it for tomorrow.


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